Information in English

Röntgen Domus is a Radiology Center that specialises in a wide range of imaging tests; ultrasound, X-ray, CT scan and MRI.

A request from a doctor about which scans to perform must be available prior to an examination. Most ultrasounds, CT scans and X-rays can be performed on the same day, but an appointment must be booked for an MRI.  The waiting time for an MRI is very short.

When a referral is received, we will call you to book an appointment. You can also call us at 551-9333 as soon as you know a referral has been made or contact us via e-mail or via our facebook.

The referral doctor will get the results usually within 24 hours and should present the result to the person who had the scan.

We are open Monday to Friday from 8:00-16:00.  Röntgen Domus is located on Egilsgata 3, 101 Reykjavík, Þönglabakka 1-6, 109 Reykjavík and Bíldshöfði 9, 110 Reykjavík.